LearningDesign:Sustainability Report

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1: Clarification of aims

2: Ensuring learners drive your design

Learner Needs

Who are the learners/users/target audience?

What do we need to find out from them?

Who should be questioned as a representative group of the learners?

How will information be gathered and dealt with?

Context for learning

Where is the learning going to take place?

What resources are available eg access to technology?

How will learning materials be distributed?

How is what we know about our learners/users (from above questions) going to impact our decisions?

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3: Learning activity

What are the overall learning goals/objectives for this resource or course? What changes do we want learners to show as a result of using the resource?

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What types of learning activities are learners going to need to DO to achieve the learning goals?

How are we going to check that learners have achieved what they set out to?

What feedback will learners need to receive to know how they are going?

How are learners going to communicate with each other and ‘teachers’ while they work through the resource?

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4: Learning resources

What resources and tools already exist to support the learning?

How will these be used?

What, if any, new resources need to be created?

What opportunities can we build in that will encourage learners to bring their own resources to the learning and design their own learning paths?

What technology will be available and how will it be used to match what learners need to do?

What support will learners need?

What support is available?

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5: Teaching and learning approach

What philosophies or approaches underpin what we want to achieve?

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6: Using the materials

Are there any recommendations as to how to use the resource?

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7: Evaluating the materials