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Isabel Province Youth Learning4Peace Workshop


  • Monday 21st – Thursday 26th March 2009
  • 8.45am – 4.30 pm


  • Monday – Diocese of Ysabel Conference Room, Buala
  • Tuesday – Guguha Distance Learning Centre (DLC)
  • Thursday – Diocese of Ysabel Conference Room

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An engaging four-day workshop for 15-20 Youth Coordinators, Provincial Government officers and development partners; sponsored by Commonwealth of Learning (COL).

Dates: 23-26 March 2009

Location: Diocese of Ysabel conference room, Buala, with two day trips to Guguha Distance Learning Centre

Web page: http://wikieducator.org/Learning4Peace/Solomon_Islands


  • Bring together youth coordinators and supporting organisations to plan an effective learning programme for community radio with the theme “Learning4Peace”
  • Plan how to coordinate existing youth (human) networks to use the ICT facilities on Isabel enable effective collaboration and development of educational resources, and to support the implementation of the Isabel Youth Policy Action Plan.
  • To demonstrate and raise awareness of ICT tools and techniques to improve networking, collaboration and educational resource development
  • To develop an action plan to 1) build an ICT-enabled Youth network and learning community, 2) develop educational resources to support Youth (and Women) priorities on Isabel, and in particular leadership skills, human rights, conflict resolution 3) engage with local and national partners who share a focus on the project themes, so that they might participate and strengthen the networking and resource development
  • To agree roles and responsibilities, and develop strategy for financial sustainability

Long term outcomes the activity contributes to (3-5 years)

  • Widespread access in the Province to effective learning programmes via local community media services
  • Increased national capacity to support community media, especially as part of larger open and distance learning programmes
  • Stronger provincial Youth and Women's networks linking media with development
  • Effective, integrated communications linked to provincial government and sustained by a coherent communications policy

Short term results

  • Consensus achieved between key champions and drivers of the community Youth learning programme on how the programme will work
  • Participants made aware of technology and how the human and ICT networks will be coordinated to facilitate networking and collaboration
  • Promising ”media for learning” programme formats and topics linked to Youth Policy identified
  • Concrete plans to develop educational community radio programmes

Approach and structure

  • Build on existing community media processes and Youth programmes in Isabel
  • An engaging participatory workshop focused on sharing experience, practical group work, skills training
  • Two days of practical hands-on ICT experience at Guguha DLC, with basic training in ICT networking methods and collaborative development of educational resources, especially geared for Community FM Radio
  • Identify good practices and strategies for educational content on community radio, including links to education and content providers, e.g. Government and NGO agencies concerned with youth development and good governance


  • 10 Youth Coordinators from around Isabel Province, esepcially the Wards with FM stations
  • 6-10 reps working with Youth programmes from national and provincial government departments and NGOs

Letter of invitation

Dear friends,

David Leeming

Consultant for Commonwealth of Learning and Technical Advisor, People First Network