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Dear Friends,

We are happy to note that some of you have comeup with nice editing on their pages. We also hope that those who are yet to update will do so soon. Thanks.

Did you enjoy linking pages, both external and internal, and creating new pages, yesterday? We are sure, you did!

For instance you might have linked an internal page on your user page like this

[[Learning4Content/Workshops/eL4C55/Home | Home page for eL4C55]] and
an external link like this [http://www.olympic.org/olympic-games Official Website of Olympic Movement]

Note: Internal linking means, creating a hyperlink to a WikiEducator page from another page in the WikiEducator. While adding the wikieducator page address within double square brackets you need to add the portion that comes after http://www.wikieducator.org/ ONLY. Don't forget to add a vertical bar '|' between the page address and your description / explanation of the page (like : Home page for eL4C55)

While creating hyperlink to an external page you have to add full address of the external webpage starting from http:// or https:// within single square brackets and a space between the page address and your description /explanation of the page - no vertical bar required.

You might have practiced creation of new page as well, by creating a 'My sandbox' page from your user page by adding the syntax [[/My sandbox/]] on your user page in the edit mode. When saved the page you got a red link to your new sandbox page - that was to be created. You clicked the red-link, and your new page opened in edit mode. You added some text on it and saved. Don't you agree that its so simple! :-)

Instructions for day 6

Today you will learn how to upload and manipulate images in WikiEducator. After completing today's activities you can qualify for your 2nd community wiki certification.

Please refer to the course contents box from your course home page for Day 6 or you can go directly to the workshop schedule

If you have missed out on a day or two's activities -- not to worry. This is a flexible workshop and all the activities and course materials are accessible from the course page. If you can find an hour or two, you should quite easily be able to catch up and join the leader's board for the highest number of edits during the workshop :-)

As you know, WikiEducator is a free content project - - therefore we can only use images which use open content licenses. You can read more about free content here:

http://wikieducator.org/Wikieducator_tutorial/What_is_free_content .

We recommend that when you are practicing to upload of images -- choose a photograph which you took. This means you can legally license the content under an open content license. You will be asked to choose a license and select a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) or Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license (CC-BY-SA). We don't have enough time in the workshop to cover all the detail on licensing -- that's for an intermediate level course. However, if you are interested we have a tutorial on Creative Commons licenses at http://www.wikieducator.org/Creative_Commons_unplugged/Introduction

In the beginning images may be a little confusing -- remember when uploading images, in most cases the image resides on your local machine and there is a process required to upload this to the WikiEducator servers before they can be viewed by other Internet users. It will make sense when you give this a try -- If you get stuck just ask us in the wiki discussion area -- we are here to help.

Have fun and we look forward to awarding your next WikiEducator certification!

Wishing you a great wiki day!

Anil and Ramesh