Learning4Content/Workshops/eL4C55/Instructions for Day 5

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Dear Friends,


Today we will:

Provide an overview of the structure of a wiki;

Create internal and external links;

Demonstrate how to create a new page;

Explain the difference between red and blue internal page links in the published view;

Create and edit descriptive labels for your links.

Please go to http://wikieducator.org/Wikieducator_rich_text_editor_tutorials/New_pages_and_links for help on creating New pages and Links.

You can also watch the video instruction for Day 5 at this link

El4C55 Workshop Schedule at http://wikieducator.org/Learning4Content/Workshops/eL4C55/Workshop_schedule

We understand you may have been busy and thus if have fallen a little behind, there is nothing to worry.

You are still catch up. See the daily schedule and try to complete the tasks.

If you have questions to ask, please post them on WikiEducator, or write on our home pages.

Have a great day!

Your Facilitators

Anil and Ramesh