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This is C.Girija from India would like to share a simple Visual , Auditory and Kinaesthetic teaching -learning model where a teacher could conciously practice in a regular teaching -learning process so that the three type of learners are benefited from it as it grabs the attention visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. It is very simple model where a teacher plays a key role delivering the instructions in the class by using certain words for e.g Look, Imagine Pictuarize ,Capture,Visualize to provoke visual learners, Words like Listen ,Read, Draw , write etc to motivate auditory learners, and words like, think, as though, alternatively, if etc to motivate kinaesthetic learners. The usage of theses words if followed conciously in the form of a cycle , it would definitely have impact on three types of learners as uttering specific words has profound effect on the brain.Effective communication has good impact on the mind.

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