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Dear Friends,

We are posting the instructions for Day 6, early again, as so many of you are ahead of us.

Today we will:

  • Understand about copyright requirements and show you how to find appropriately license free content images;
  • Demonstrate three methods for adding images to your pages;
  • provide an overview of more detailed image formatting options (including placement, frames, thumbs, captions, size etc);
  • practice uploading images into our sandbox and User pages.

Very important things we would like you to remember that:

  1. Unless stated otherwise, all images you source on the web default to an "all rights reserved" copyright and you cannot upload these images on WikiEducator -- it's illegal.
  2. Read the short summary on copyright WikiEducator RTE Tutorials Images Use in today's tutorial, before uploading images on WikiEdcuator.
  3. You will find more information on what free content means for the WikiEducator community in accordance with our values.

Instructions for Day 6
After completing the tutorial on images, you will have all the skills you need to develop an impressive user page as well as achieving the certification of Level 2 WikiApprentice!
You should also spend a little time refining the text and layout on your user page. Be sure to include the layout features you have learned so far. That is bold, italics, headings, lists, internal and external links with descriptive names. (Tutorials 2, 4 & 5).
Let's see who will develop the best User page over today and tomorrow. Perhaps one of the participants in this group will become a future recipient of the WikiEducator User Page Expo.User page Expo Awards
Please remember:

You can also watch the video instruction for Day 6 at this link for eL4C51 Workshop schedule EL4C51 Workshop Schedule
Please also remember, post your questions for your facilitator under the Wiki Discussions General Forum here:
General Forum
Important -- Read this summary on general copyright issues relating to digital images. WikiEducator Rich Text Editor Image Use. Note the link for later reference.
1. Work through Tutorial 6 on images.Images. Note the link for later reference.

2. Practice manipulating the placement, size and using captions for your images in your sandbox.My sandbox

3. Work on improving your User page -- don't forget to include a photograph of yourself using your new skills on inserting images!

4. Optional: View the following screencast videos:
(a) Screencast A: How to source and link images on Wikimedia Commons How to source and link images on Wikimedia Commons
(b) Screencast B: Searching for free content images on Flickr Searching for free content images on Flickr
(c) Screencast C: Uploading images sourced from Flickr Uploading images sources from Flickr

Have a great day!

Your International Facilitator Team