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Dear Friends,
We would like to welcome all of you to our 51st free WikiEducator Learning4Content online training workshop, running from September 21, - October 2, 2011.

We will be sending you the instructions day-by-day and in two formats:
1. Through the WikiEducator Moodle platform at WikiEducator Moodle Platform, and
2. they will be posted directly on WikiEducator on our workshop home page. Please bookmark this page, for easy access:
eL4C51 Home page

You do not need to go on to the Moodle platform, as the training is done directly on WikiEducator.
eL4C51 Home page

We highly recommend that you post your question(s) on our workshop page called: 'Wiki Disussions' in the appropriate place and under the facilitator assigned to you. This way we can all learn from each other.
eL4C51 Wiki Discussions


We recommend you also bookmark this page, for easy reference. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the Workshop schedule webpage.

  • Please find your name on the participants list on our workshop home page, and familiarise yourself with your user page.
  • Please check your line number under your name and refer back to the ‘participant and group number” table under the link below, to find out who is the facilitator to help you along in this workshop.

eL4C51 Participants List

As you have already received the “Getting started instructions”, here now are the instructions for Day 1, for your convenience. (see link below)

Pre-workshop Instructions here

The link also includes information on how to register an account on WikiEducator as you need to be formally registered to be able to make an edits or post any kind of information on WikiEducator. Please remember to always SAVE your input, as otherwise your entry will not show on your page.

Here now are the Instructions for Day 1, Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Instructions for Day 1
Don’t be shy, try it out and make an edit. You cannot break your page, as all can be reverted, should you really need to.

Warm wishes,

Your International Facilitator Team
Patricia, Wayne, Michael, Gladys, Sebastian, K.S, and Ben

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Greetings to all from wet Mumbai, India. I am Hemlata-Deputy Director-Academic from the Institute of Distance and Open Learning, University of Mumbai. I have registered number of times but due to other offical commitments I could not particpate. This session Iam looking forward for active participation and enriching my knowledge through discussions. I am thankful to Wayne and Patricia for providing with this opportunity Cheers