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Enrol now for the "The WikiEducator Learning4Content Online Training workshop for Participants in Zambia Only" free online workshop -September 20 - October 1, 2010.

This free wiki workshop is presented online over 10 working days and requires approximately 15 - 20 minutes per day. The course is presented asynchronously -- so you can work at times which fit your own schedule. Join educators around the world who are returning to the core values of sharing knowledge freely.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Announcing the "The WikiEducator Learning4Content Online Workshop for Participants in Zambia"

A unique opportunity to interact with some of WikiEducator's most seasoned and experienced facilitators and editors.

Celebrating the gift of knowledge

Image courtesy of maveric2003

Learning4Content is the world largest attempt to build wiki skills for education and is administered by the OER Foundation, an independent non-profit organisation helping individual and organisations achieve their objectives using open education approaches.

We have achieved our targets in providing free wiki skills training to over 1000 educators this past year. Since our first pilot workshop in 2008, we have provided free training opportunities to more than 4,000 educators to learn how to develop OER the wiki way. In celebrating this gift of knowledge, we are hosting the "WikiEducator Gives Back" workshop were all facilitators donate of their time freely to help their WikiNeighbours. In the spirit of open philanthropy, the "WikiEducator Gives Back" annual workshop also provides an opportunity to scale-up our international team of Learning4Content facilitators.

L4C facilitators will be giving back in two ways:

  1. Donating their time freely to assist with facilitating this record breaking workshop attempt - (Designated as L4C Facilitators on the participants page)
  2. Sharing their knowledge with future L4C facilitators to join our international team of WikiEducator online facilitators so we can scale capability development for OER the wiki way. (Designated as L4C Co-Facilitators on the participants page)

The OER Foundation will institute this as an annual WikiEducator event which aims to:

  • Break the previous year's record for hosting the largest free online wiki workshop measured by the number of registered participants
  • Provide an opportunity for educators around the world to meet and interact with some of WikiEducators' top editors and seasoned wiki facilitators measured by their approximate edit count in WikiEducator

We aim to have a little fun. We will award community Kudos achievements for:

  • The workshop participant who achieves the highest number of edits during the workshop
  • The Facilitator / or Co-Facilitator who achieves the highest number of support edits during the workshop.

Please share this gift of knowledge and spread the word.

WE look forward to meeting you in the wiki!