Discussion thread: Why OERs?

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Discussion thread: Why OERs?

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Please read the OER Handbook Version 1.0

Why "share" expertise & resources in these times?

Persons working in different areas and domains are trying to evolve context specific solution or models by creating new designs and by doing innovations. If these people share their learning experiences with members of knowledge community, the community members can make use of this knowledge base to further their learning. Many persons are working as intrapreneures in their own way and contributing toward social development by doing small but fruitful things acts.  

Who benefits from an OER textbook?

OER textbooks are used by learners and facilitators as a members of learning community. If learning community is evolving a project to construct their understanding of some topic from any discipline they can get information related to various aspect. Being free any person can access the material and develop herself or himself to be a responsible member of a society. 

Does sustainability have something to do with this?

 Yes. We all are working toward sustainable development. Our goal is to work collaboratively and contribute toward human centered sustainable development.  Our OER should help learners of any discipline to construct their understanding in such a way that they will act responsibly as a world citizen.