My Learning Contract Project

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My Learning Contract Project

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I am planning to develop:

== A professional development resource for educators or trainers ==I have cshosen this to be able to use wiki with my students either when they aqre at home and to regularly share good web sites that kids can go to when doing research that they need to enhance their learning.

I was practicing learning for many years and my stories of learning about facilitating learners will assist primary and secondary teachers to  construct their own understanding of teaching ane learning. I experimented with new understanding of learning and evolved my own theory of facilitating. I hope that learners of teaching (facilitating) will be able to evolve their own theory of action.


A workshop resource

A subsection for a free textbook resource or handbook

A unit or section for a distance education study guide

Other, please specify

Sharon Archibald

I would like to make my site a repository to house all the items in the Organizational Behviour toolkit that I use in my courses so that:

  • anyone within my College can access them (students and faculty)
  • my students can access them once they graduate and enter the workforce
  • anyone who would find them useful could use them and adapt them to their own use

I would like to begin with a overview of Organizational Behaviour as my project.

Chef James Woroneski

Hello Fellow Wiki Learners

As part of my contribution for informational exchanged it was suggested that I help add to the Culinary subsection of WikiEducator. This I am happy to assist in developing a repository of information that others will find useful within the Culinary spectrum.

If have already added to the Glossary of terms a pretty detailed list of commonly used terms. If someone see some that I have not included please feel free to add to the list for others.

--Chef James 20:31, 7 June 2010 (UTC)


Cynthia D'Costa

As a long term project, I plan to develop strategies that will assist e-learning suited to learner diversity. But my immediate plans are to get prospective teachers wiki-literate. I want to supplement my own face to face classroom experiences with wiki-learning experiences.