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Facilitators Workroom
Welcome facilitators of eL4C39 to our private place inside the workshop pages.
Let's use this page to align our efforts for a coordinated online co-facilitation of the workshop.

Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

Facilitators' Contact Info

Nicholas Kimolo


Wayne Mackintosh


Workshop requirements

  • We are required to aim at a minimum of 47 registered participants.

To do List

Populating Participants' User Pages

A simple method for populating a user page with the welcome template, categories, and headings is to add:

{{subst:EL4C user page|Name=EL4C39}}

subst and Name are required to directly substitute the content into the user page and select the correct welcome template. A suggestion for the summary text is as follows:

Created with Template:EL4C user page. Questions should be directed to your eL4C facilitator.

For more information see Template:EL4C user page and the caution below.

So what you do, you copy/paste the link above: {{subst:EL4C user page|Name=EL4C37}} on to the transferred page. People register first and you transfer the page into the participants table.

On the Newbies pages, you just enter this syntax above and save. It populates the page with all necessary headers, including the welcome template.


Before adding any content to a linked user page, make sure it corresponds to the correct user account. Click on "my contributions" link (in registered participants table), there must be at least one of the following edition line:
Variable Date - variable Time - (hist) (diff) Learning4Content/Workshops/Online schedule/eL4C35/Register ‎
This edit confirms the user registered to the workshop.



Notes from eL4C39

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