Quick tips on how to launch the WIZIQ class

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Quick tips on how to launch the WIZIQ class

  1. After you sign in on WiZiQ, here is how you can launch the class at scheduled date and time:
  • You can find the class on your Dashboard. Here you can click on 'Launch Class' link.
  • You can also launch the class from public class listing page at www.wiziq.com/classes/
2. If there is some time for the class to start you see a message "There is still some time for the class to start. You will be automatically logged in when the class starts."
3. Once the class starts, you may ask questions via audio or text chat.

To attend the class you need:

  1. A browser with flash player. If you don't have a flash player, we will prompt you to install one.
  2. A 'headset' to listen to the teacher in the class and a microphone to ask questions to the teacher. We recommend that you test your headset and microphone a few minutes before the class. You can do so by clicking on 'Device Settings' on the page after you click on Launch Class [if the class has not started] or by clicking on a wheel icon in top right area [if the class has started].
  3. A broadband internet connection with minimum 256 kbps.

If you are not able to attend the class, you can view the recording. You can find the recordings by clicking on Recording Tab at Dashboard, Public Classes Listing Page as discussed above. You will find View Recording instead of Launch Class button, if the class is over and the recording for the class is available. You would need a headset and a browser with flash player to view the recording.Bold text