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Learning4ContentWorkshop Report

November 16, 18 and 23, 2009


The Learning4Content Face-to-Face WikiEducator Workshop was held at the University of Belize Central Campus in the capital city of Belmopan. The workshop’s forty six participants, thirty four females and twelve males, are UB student teachers of which most of them are on study leave.

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The main objectives of this workshop were as follows:
  • familiarize participants with Open Educational Resources while building capacity to develop and produce learning resources
  • introduce workshop participants to the wiki concept and assist them to develop wiki skills that can readily be used in developing courses for distance delivery
  • build strategy for growth and sustainability of e-learning community connecting teachers in primary and secondary schools across Belize and throughout the WE family of educators through L4C.
  • provide certification based on mastery of basic formatting skills using WE syntax demonstrated through participants personal WE page.

Workshop Report

The workshop was facilitated by Shawn Rhaburn and Feliciana Torres. The group of students were divided into three sections where Ms Shawn Rhaburn worked with two sections and Mrs. Feliciana Torres worked with the third group of teachers. The workshop started with participants learning about WE and L4C initiatives. Teachers created their accounts and explored features of WE. Day two targeted wiki skills necessary for participants to attain Apprentice Level 1 certification and day three targeted skills required to attain Apprentice Level 2 certification. From the start of the workshop to the completion of day three most participants showed a high level of interest and enthusiasm. They particularly liked uploading their pictures, creating internal and external links, and pedagogical templates. Some students had to spend time getting adjusted to the syntax. However, they will continue to work for the next two weeks to reinforce WE concepts. It was also evident that when the syntax did not work students engaged in trouble shooting to get their commands to work. It was exploratory while adding a bit of constructivism to complement their experience. The teachers now know that they have a space on the Internet where they can share ideas and showcase their schools and Belize to the world of WikiEducator.

Most participants received certification ranging from WikiApprentice Level I to Wiki Apprentice Level II. The learning contract and the survey was done the last day of the workshop. This day was actually a rainy day hence; some of the teachers did not come to the final day of the workshop.


The facilitators and teachers that engaged in this productive workshop wishes to thank the Commonwealth of Learning for their support and assistance towards making this workshop happen.