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Name: Savita Balliram Group: Lesson Plan submitted:




The Nature and Value of Information.

Content/ Topic

The Nature of Information.


Form 2.

Outcome(S) Addressed/ Specific Objectives

The Student Will Recognise the Role of Technology in the Information Age.


2 Weeks.

Intelligences Addressed

Logical, Visual, Linguistic.

Prior Knowledge

Basic Idea of Information/ Data/ Copyright laws.

Set Induction

  • Show cartoon/PowerPoint presentation on information.
  • Play game by whispering a message through each student’s ear versus forwarding an e-mail (or everyone reading the same blog).

Strategies/ Questions to Guide Learning

  • What is Information?
  • How valuable is Information?
  • How can Information affect one’s life?
  • What are the different ways of transmitting Information?
  • What are some restrictions when sharing Information?
  • What are some risks involved in sharing and receiving Information via the Internet?

Description of Activity/ Instructional Activities/ Methodology

Students’ activities:

  • Collaborate with History teacher to present the different ways of communicating Information before computers were invented.
  • Collaborate with Computer teacher to do presentation on benefits and dangers of information through the internet.
  • Collaborate with Drama Teacher to dramatize a scenario of a student waking up one morning to discover that computers worldwide has disappeared and how he/ she attempts to finish their outstanding school projects.

Instructional Focus/ Content Sequenced

To understand and appreciate the role of Technology in the Information Age.

Resources Needed

Book, Radio, Television, Newspaper, Computer, Telephone/ Cell phone, Projector.

Closure/ Summary

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in the Information Age.


  • Activity Sheet.
  • Typed Summary of the Role of Technology in the Information Age.

Integration With

  • History, Visual and Performing Arts, Technology Education.
  • Follow up/ Continuation Activities:
  • Posters and Pamphlets to made available of:
  1. Dangers of using the Internet as a reliable source of Information
  2. Different Citation Styles
  3. Copyright Laws (Trinidad and Tobago and International)