Lesson 1: Using and Organizing Information (Topic: Evaluating websites)

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Evaluate information critically for bias, currency, accuracy, authority, and relevance.


Form 1


2 weeks

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Students will be able to:
  • Evaluate information on websites

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Students should have a basic idea about:
  1. Search engines
  2. Key-word searching.
  3. Webbing

Intelligences Addresed

  • Verbal-Linguistic
  • Visual-Spatial

Set Induction

  • Use two fake/spoof websites and discuss the contents with the students to get their opinions on whether the information on each website is accurate.

Strategies/Questions to Guide Learning:

  1. Questions to consider when looking at Bias:
  2. Who wrote the information posted on the website? Was it a person/an organization?
  3. What are the credentials of the author?

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  1. Students are put into groups of four.
  2. Each group is given a list of websites and a rubric to evaluate the websites. The rubric will contain the following headings:
  • Bias
  • Currency
  • Accuracy
  • Authority
  • Relevance

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  • Group presentation on the selected websites, based on the concepts and values outlined in sub-topic: Limits of Armed Conflict, Social Studies Curriculum.

Integration with


  • Students will recognize the importance of assessing and critically evaluating the information that is found on websites

Follow-up/Continuation Activities