Learning4Content/Workshops/Face-to-Face schedule/L4C49/Workshop 3 - April 14 - 16, 2009 (School Librarians)/Library/Sharlene Hosein (Group 3)

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Set Induction • NALIS’S home page.

Strategies/ Questions to Guide Learning • What does NALIS mean? • How valuable is NALIS? • How to search for a catalogue? • How to search subject index? • How to search by author, title or subject?

Description of Activity/ Instructional Activities/ Methodology Students’ activities: • Collaborate with Social Studies to present the different National Emblems. • Collaborate with Computer teacher to do presentation.

Instructional Focus/ Content Sequenced To understand and appreciate the role of Technology in the Information Age.

Resources Needed Multimedia projector, screen, laptop, six computers.

Closure/ Summary How easy it is to access information using NALIS.

Assessment • Complete a project on National Emblems of Trinidad and Tobago. • Hand in a project in a folder about the different national emblems.

Integration With • Technology Education and Social Studies Teacher.

Follow up/ Continuation Activities • Posters and Pamphlets to made available containing the following: 1. Using the internet. 2. Using search engines.