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We have some concerns towards the development of educational resources using an open authoring approach

  1. Because information available on the wiki educator will be open to anyone, the quality of educational resources in terms of accuracy may be questionable as well as the credibility of the authors.
    • There is the possibility for manipulation of information by others
  2. Another cause for concern would be navigating around the wiki educator web page
    • Those who are not computer literate will have problems accessing the appropriate information that they require and it can be time consuming.


  1. I agree with the first point .. my concerns would also be that the students will find a way of manipulating information and of course there is a great possibility of vandalism
  2. Another problem would also be that not all students will access ths information because of the lack of resources available.


  1. further to point 1 the onus is on the course lecturer to constantly monitor the page as many will not be interested in this particular material.