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Project Team: Dr. Sitansu Jena, Dr. Deepti Oza and Dr. Nutan Bharati

Talk to the project team at learning2livetogether@gmail.com!


Childhood at Risk

Current scenario

  • UN Mission on Millenium Development Goals
  • Child Right Movement
    • Adolescent community
    • Out of school children
    • School going children
      • Interactivity School and community : Parents, teachers, policymakers, practitioners and others

Life Skills Education

    • children of all age groups
    • Children on the move
    • children at home
    • children at school
    • children out of school

Aims and objectives

Why r v doing it?

General objectives


Anticipated Outcomes

  1. 30 study hours of interactive digital materials covering the basic skills necessary to edit content on a wiki. In other words the equivalent of an intensive four-day skills development workshop.
  2. he final publishing and hosting of the completed resources on both UNESCO's (If confirmed and appropriate) OER wiki and the Commonwealth of Learning's WikiEducator for easy access.
  3. As a free content, the materials can be hosted, published and distributed throughout the Commonwealth without any restrictions.
  4. The presentation of two pilot workshops (online) using a "train-the-trainers" approach so as to demonstrate the scalability of the project, but also to evaluate the outcomes of the project.
  5. Promoting the resource globally by: publishing a brochure for distribution, postings on relevant electronic forums and other communities of interest.
  6. Commissioning an evaluation review of the project to identify the lessons learned. This will be used to guide future projects of this nature.

Learning 2 Live Together: specific objective

The project objectives are:

  1. drawing a perspective of developmental risks of adolescents
  2. linking with current concerns and documents pertaining to constitutional rights
  3. creating awareness on Right to education : http://portal.unesco.org/education/en/ev.php-URL_ID=9019&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html
  4. developing “Learning2 Live Together” helpline tutorials
  5. empowering adolescents with life skills
  6. preparing FAQs related to adolescents developmental process


What- Action Points and When- time frame

  1. Week 1 - Documentation on Adolescent and Child Rights
  2. Week 2 - Identifying partners in developing tutorial content
  3. Week 3-8 - Development of tutorials for
*Child Right Movement
*Adolescent community
*Out of school children 
*School going children
*Interactivity School and community :Parents,teachers,    policymakers, practitioners and others
  1. Week 9-11 - Development of tutorials for Life skills education
  2. Week 12-15 - Finalisation of tutorials