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LearnHub, created by Savvica Inc., provides a centralized online education destination for teachers and learners of all kinds. With seventeen different features on one fully-hosted platform and a number of strategic partnerships, LearnHub is poised to become the World’s online education destination.

LearnHub offers a revolutionary approach to teaching and learning online through networked communities which focus on a specific subject. Anyone can create a community, share a lesson, have a discussion or debate, create a test, share an opinion and hold an online tutoring session at no cost.

Because LearnHub’s communities can be created by both teachers and learners, the system purposefully blurs the line between teacher and student to increase collaboration between learners and educators. By eliminating the divide between students and teachers and combining education with the benefit of social networking, LearnHub has created a niche in education that is unprecedented in the world of online education.

Social Learning Network

A social learning network focuses on building online communities around education. Where it defines itself is the collaboration between instructor and student. In essence, it removes that line allowing instructor to be a student, and student to be an instructor in a social environment.

Company History

LearnHub was developed by Savvica, a young, energetic company located in downtown Toronto with a mandate to improve education on a global scale by lowering the barriers to online education.

Savvica was founded in 2004 and quickly produced Nuvvo – the first self-serve Learning Management System (LMS) for individual and organizations. Launched in December 2005, it rapidly attracted thousands of users, and has since hosted thousands of diverse course in a multitude of languages.

In the fall of 2007 Educomp Solutions Ltd. became a significant investor in Savvica. This mutually beneficial partnership combines Savvica’s technology leadership with Educomp vast resources in educational content, technology IP, exclusive partnerships and solid company reputation.

Mrs. Edna Hubfellow

Mrs. Hubefellow is LearnHubs animated tour guide and mascot.

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