Learner-Centered Planning

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Learner-Centered Planning Framework

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The objectives of this planning module are for you to:
  • review the Online Learner Support Framework presented
  • think about your own context for your online learning project
  • re-work the framework to apply to your context and present here

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Online Learner Support Framework

Framework Components

4 Phases of Activity

In most learning situations, learners engage in four primary phases of activity:

  • Getting In: this is the planning, decision making, commitment phase
  • Getting Started: this refers to the orientation phase where learners are preparing themselves and gathering resources.
  • Getting Through: this refers to the context for learning (online classroom, collaborative online space, etc)
  • Getting Out: this refers to the completion of the goal (course, workshop, training, etc).

The premise of the framework is this: if you start with "what the learners need to do", then you can more easily define what the instructor and institution need to do in order to support the activities of the learner.

The Learner Support Framework as presented above was developed in the context of a North American University. We think, however, that the framework is flexible enough to allow for adaptation to local contexts.

Instructors' Role

Institution's Role