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A man pushing his car stopped outside a hotel. As soon as he got there, he realised he was bankrupt. WHY ?


Why are 1988 pennies worth more than 1983 pennies ?


A few years ago in the USA, a young man hijacked a passenger flight at gunpoint. He ordered the pilot to fly to a different airport and radioed his demands to the airport authorities. In return for the safe release of the plane and hostages, he asked for 100,000 dollars in a bag and two parachutes. When the plane landed he was given the bag of money and the two parachutes. He then instructed the pilot to take off again and fly at a fairly low altitude towards their original destination. When they were over a deserted part of the country, he strapped on one of the parachutes, and clutching the bag of money, leapt from the plane. The second parachute was not used.

He was never found. The task of the police is to find that hijacker. Your task is different. You have to answer one question. Why did he ask for two parachutes if we assume that he only ever intended to use one ?


Five men took five different methods of transport to five different places on five different days.

  • Mr Jones went by coach
  • The Masterton journey was on a Saturday
  • The car went to Auckland
  • Smith went to Christchurch
  • Williams travelled on a Tuesday
  • The lorry went on Friday
  • The taxi journey went to Blenheim
  • Clark went by train
  • Williams took the car
  • The taxi was on Wed
  • The coach journey was on Monday
  • Brown went to Blenheim

QUESTION: who went where on what transport and when?