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The Commons

The image on the book pattern page seems to have been published under different licences:

  • Fotopedia - cc-by - Chris Willis
  • Flickr - all rights reserved
  • Wikimedia Commons (see Permission note regarding Flickr upload bot on 14:51, 30 April 2010 (UTC) confirming cc-by on that date. So, it should be ok (??)


  1. Cooking pot - "With knowledge goods, everyone gets a copy of the whole pot" (Rishab Ghosh
  2. Cattle on the commons
    • Recall African terms such as "meraka" or "idlelo" which mean "common grazing ground" and find African pictures ...
  3. Chongqing "nail house" - see Tragedy of the anticommons.
  4. Exmoor Family
    • Exmoor is still grazed by commoners' ponies and sheep - see Common land and other images on that page.
  5. Inagi satoyama