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  1. Biological clock
  2. Vegan food pyramid
  3. Good Food In Dishes
  4. Vegan Gardein Tofu Foods Display
  5. Taiji in Malacca
  6. Two Tarahumara men photographed in Tuaripa, Chihuahua, in 1892 by Carl Lumholtz
    • A culture profiled in the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall - although there is poverty and hardship, running is integral to the culture (a positive health aspect)
  7. Tarahumara women at Arareco Lake
  8. Tarahumara ladies were selling baskets, blankets, beads, and oranges.
  9. Search for: "positive deviance" health
    • or "positive deviance" nutrition
    • The trick is to find suitably licensed images ...