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98. Informal Learning Groups

Shortlisted images

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Proposed images

  1. Students at the ABAC campus
  2. Students practising with electronic devices at the Technical University of Sofia - (Sofia)
    • -1 not informal enough (in a university lab.?) - Kim Tucker 23:25, 17 August 2012 (UTC)
  3. Learning the djembe in Queen's Park, Toronto.
  4. Famoudou Konaté teaching at a workshop in Vancouver, Canada
  5. Girl learning English in Shanghai
  6. SchoolNet Namibia rose in the library (also suggested under Digital Emancipation above)
  7. Learning together at the pool side (Java and community participation)
  8. Learning together informally (Java legacy code)
  9. Learning Salsa in the street
  10. Quilting Bee
  11. Skateboarding - learning new tricks

Ideally (imo), an "informal learning group" would be shown outside of a standard teaching venue (e.g. a classroom) and with "co-teachers" more than teacher - learners. - Doug Schuler.