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110. Homemade Media

Shortlisted images

  • ... comments etc. ...
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Proposed images

  1. Gutenberg letter press (Publishing and Letterpress printing) - as Doug suggests under Media Literacy above.
    • Perhaps something more colourful? - comment holds for this too.
    • Not really "home made" - Kim Tucker 23:26, 15 August 2012 (UTC)
  2. Victor Grigas interviewing - Victor Grigas interviewing Dr. Sengai Podhuvan as part of the Wikimedia 2011 fundraising campaign.
  3. Bushmen Rock Painting - see Rock art for more.
  4. Shooting Shot of 'Veena Vaadanam'
  5. Tin can telephone

Crystal radio (etc):

  1. Spark gap transmitter diagram - (Spark-gap transmitter)
  2. homemade crystal radio
  3. Early crystal radio receiver built by a radio amateur in Belfast, Ireland
  4. "Cat's whisker" detector
  5. Crystal radio wiring pictorial
  6. Pocket radio

Bayeux Tapestry (embroidery):

  1. William and Harold in Normandy
  2. The messengers with Guy, with portrayal of medieval agriculture in the border
  3. Battle of Hastings
  4. Etc - Bayeux Tapestry