LESSON 6: Care of a new born babie

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  • Describe the care of the baby
  • Demonstrate how to asses
  • Initiate breastfeeding within 30minutes.

common terms

  • Hypothermia -extremely low temperature.
  • Hperthermia-exceedingly high temperature.
  • Immunization-the act of immunity.


Extra uterine life presents a challenge to the new born infant.The most important changes,those in the heart and lungs. Continued adaptations are necessary in the first weeks of life as the infant assumes independence from the maternal and placental nurturing which he enjoyed before birth.

Immediate care

  • Procedure
  • Wash hands and dry
  • Wear disposable examination or HLD gloves
  • Remove wet towel,cover the baby with another clean dry towel.This will

stimulate the baby to breath.

  • Assess baby's condition at 1minute and 5minutes after birth.

A--Appearance P--Pulse;heart beat rate G--Grimace A--Activity/muscle R--Respirations

  • Show baby to the mother to breastfeed.The first breastfeed facilitate bonding

process between mother and baby