LESSON 5: Resuscitation of a new born babie

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  • Describe the steps {ABCS},look and describe the signs and symptoms
  • Demonstrate how to resuscitate the baby


Breathing is the first function of the newborn.The mouth, nose and air passages must be clear to stop fluid,mucus or meconium from being sucked into the lungs when the new born gasps for air.If the baby breathes anything into the air passages will have trouble breathing,he may get pneumonia, or he may die.

Common Medical Terms

  • Meconium-a dark greenish,sticky stool in the intestine of a full term baby.
  • Asphyxia-deficiecy of oxygen in the blood

ABCS of resuscitation

  • Airway-make sure the airway is open
  • Breathing-make sure the baby is breathing
  • cardiac function-make sure the heart is beating
  • Shock-make sure the baby is warm and dry


  • suction bulb
  • clean dry cloth or guaze
  • clean dry cloths to keep baby warm



  • keep the baby warm. Cover with a dry cloth.
  • Hold baby with head a little lower than body,gently rub the back and clean out the

and mouth using your fingers or a suction bulb.

  • Lay flat, make sure airway is straight(neck not bent);dry quickly and cover,suction nose, mouth and throt.&
  • If there is no breathing, weak heart beat less than 100 beats/min.
  • Lay flat on hard surface.Keep airway straight and open,dry quickly and cover.


  • Lips and skin blue in colour
  • Jaundice


  • Irregular breathing
  • Convulsion


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Today we have discussed the steps in resuscitation


read on care of the new born