LESSON 3: Aims of antenatal \history taking

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exhibiting the physiologic change and care during pregnancy,image provided courtesy of Flickr-www.com

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The objective of this coarse is to facilitate to stakeholders how to improve quality of work on distant learning mode online.


To assess the health status of the mother and foetus,there is the need for the woman to attend antenatal clinic regularily.


Ante-Natal Care

It is the health care and education given during pregnancy.They are rendered in hospitals, clinics and private maternity homes.


  • To promote and maintain the physical mental and social health of mother and baby.
  • To detect conditions arising during pregnancy.
  • To ensure the delivery of a full term healthy baby.
  • To help prepare the mother to breast feed successfully.

Standard schedule: In Ghana a pregnant woman is expected to visit the clinic at least four times throughout the period. From one month-28weeks monthly from 28th -36th week – every two weeks From 36th week till delivery – weekly

  • History taking
  • Social history: name, address, age, marital status, occupation, religion.
  • Family history: twins in family, diabetes hypertension, mental illness.
  • Surgical history: any operation done. Obstetric history – number of children alive or dead, type of delivery, abortions and history of present pregnancy.
  • Menstrual history – date of last normal menstrual period.

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[[practical assignment|Use the antenatal record booklet and practice how to take history with your collegue}}

Tests / Quizzes

Mention the standard schedule. Outline the types of history. State three aims of antenatal.