LESSON 2: Minor disoders

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These are only minor in as much as they are not life-threatening. A minor disorder may escalated and become a serious complication of pregnancy if it goes on without proper management.

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By the end of the lesson students should be able to:
  • Explain minor disoders.
  • Identify and manage

Lesson content

, Nausea and vomiting the sickness is not confined to early morning @ but can occur at any time in the day. The smell of cooking will often cause the mother to retch.

Heart burn – This is a burning sensation in the media stinal region. The stomach allows reflux of gastric contents. Excessive Salvation (Pityalism) This is excessive salvation. I may accompany heart burn.

Pica – when a mother craves certain foods or unnatural substances such as charcoal.

Constipation: Decreased peristalsis of the gut.


This is due to changing centre of gravity.

Cramp – May be due to ischaemia or result from changes in pit or electrolyte status.

Leucorrhea – Non-irritant vaginal discharge.

Varicosities ; The valves of the dilated veins become inefficient and varicosities result. Varicose veins may occur in legs, anus and vulva.

Management Nausea/vomiting: can take light carbohydrate snacks and dry foods. Heart burn :– small frequent meals at a time. Avoid bending immeditely after meals and sit upright. Sleeping with more pillows. Pyalism: Chew gum, chewing stick or sweets can help.

Pica: The pregnant woman should be aware of the potential harmful substances. Avoid non nutritive substances such as clay and ash. Constipation Take in more fluids, fruits and vegetables. Leucorrhea Personal cleanliness Should wear cotton under wear Wash with plain water 2 x a day. Varicosities Avoid long standing Apply crepe bandage in cases of women who work on farms to prevent injuries. Template:SUMMARY Interview at least 2 women who had given birth {{ask if thet had experience any problems/difficulties during ist trimester. if any what were they what did they did to overcome those problems Template:READING