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List of LC Webinars for Study Group

FRBR: Things You Should Know, But Were Afraid to Ask (Dr. Tillett):
Time: approx. 57 minutes // Recorded 3/4/2009

Module 1: What RDA Is and Isn’t:
Time: 11 minutes

Module 2: Structure:
Time: 21 minutes
Module 3: Description of Manifestations and Items:
Time: approx. 57 minutes
Module 4: Identifying Works, Expressions, and Manifestations:
Time: approx. 1 hr 12 minutes

Module 5: Identifying Persons:
Time: 20 minutes

Module 6: Identifying Families:
Time: approx 10 minutes
Module 7: Identifying Corporate Bodies:
Time: approx 19 minutes
Module 8: Relationships:
Time: approx 11 minutes
Module 9: Review of Main Concepts, Changes, Etc.
Time: approx 7 minutes
Resource, Description, and Access: Background (Dr. Tillett)
Time: 67 minutes // Recorded 5/14/2008
Cataloging Principles and RDA: Resource Description and Access (Tillett)
Time: 49 minutes // Recorded: 6/10/2008
RDA Changes from AACR2 for Texts (Dr. Tillett):
Time: 75 minutes // Recorded: 1/12/2010