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(Comment.gif: Good work. Kindly use appropriate pedagogical templates to enhance this work.

--Victor P. K. Mensah 12:49, 13 March 2009 (UTC))

Project Assignment


Assessment is an important aspect of learning and teaching. Our group was intrested in setting assinments that would be of value to students in terms of acquiring diverse skills and solvinng day to day problems in their field of work. To assure quality of work done and originality,the group decided to open discussions for project work

The Value or project assignments

  • The end product is of value to the learner
  • This type of assesssment takes students beyond factual recall of concepts
  • Project work allows for application of concepts learned in the classroom
  • Students do something, make something or offer a solution to some problem
  • Learners use and also practice many skill such as reseach,writing and presentation skills
  • Doing projects gives learners the opportunity to to be creative ,original and be critical thinkers

Reaserch project



Lecture notes

Project activities




Time frame

Progress reports


How to assess project work

  • The teacher should tell students what is expected of them from the project

  • Students can be asked to create their owm rubrics before they start this way students will be:
  1. committed
  2. prepare accordingly
  3. strive for high standards