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Workshop on
Creating Local Content Using WikiEducator and EasyNow Techniques
Venue: Training Room, D.Net, Dhaka
Date: 12-15 December, 2009

D.Net is organizing a 4days workshop on Creating Local Content Using WikiEducator and EasyNow Techniques from 12-15 December, 2009 at Training Room, D.Net, Dhaka with facilitation of Dr Savithri Singh, Principal, ANDC, University of Delhi and Ms Rukmini Vimraju, Programme Officer, Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA).

Proceedings of the Workshop in brief

12/12/09 The workshop commenced with an informal Inaugural Session at Training Room, D.Net, Dhaka attended by Mr Masum Billah, Research Fellow of D.Net and Dr Savithri Singh, Principal, ANDC, University of Delhi. Then Participants introduced themselves and wrote their three expectations. Dr Savithri introduced to OER and Overview of WikiEducator by Power Point Presentation.

After Inaugural Session, Dr Savithri conducted the whole day session. First she worked with WikiEducator on creating an account in www.wikieducator.org and introduced to basic wiki syntax.

After that she facilitated to create own page and to write, edit and format (Bold, Heading, Sub Heading, Italic, Location, Breaking the Paragraph) text within a WikiEducator page. Then she facilitated to make List, Numbering, Indenting, Font color, Internal Link, External Link, Using Color Codes, Open New Page, Create Sub Page, Info Box, Resize Photo, Location of Photo, and Photo Gallery.She introduced us discussion option, Write to each other and use of Signature in the discussion. Se facilitated to Use of Template. She disseminated cd on WikiEducator to all participants.

In the afternoon session Ms Rukmini Vemraju, Programme Officer, Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) came and introduced to us by Mr Forhad Uddin, Coordinator of the training programme. Then again Dr Savithri continued to introduce to make pdf format, use and upload that at web site.

In the last session we collected information about what the participants learnt, what they liked most and what they felt difficult for evaluating the session and the participants continued to practice wiki skills.

13/12/09 At first Ms Rukmini discussed about the feedback of the participants of earlier day. They mainly faced problem to create internal link, write caption for photo and numbering. Then they revised their problem and discussed about solutions.

First half of the day Dr Savithri introduced to convert JPG Format from Power Point Presentation, Collaborative Video, Editing Video, Transition and Upload Video. Audio Editing with Audacity and Lame Upload Audio, Use of History of WikiEducator, Make table in WikiEducator. For shortcut process of formatting she introduced to Export write up in Open office for saving in Mediawiki and Copy Paste in own page.

At the last session all participants were requested to write their experience in participant’s feedback option of http://wikieducator.org/L4C_Dhaka, created by Dr Savithri and all did that.

14/12/09 First they disseminated cd on EasyNow to all participants and introduced the software package like Lame for MP3, Audacity for audio editing, cdex for copy audio cd, Text Allowed for prepare test to voice, Any Video Converter, Open Office and ODLCODE (Open Distance Learning). Then Dr Savithri introduced to Windows Movie Maker and making process of movie with mp3 and photo of jpg format by windows movie maker.

Through discussions and EasyNow skill practicing, participants prepared the content on herbal plant related to indigenous knowledge for a preliminary presentation in audio and video format in the open forum. All participants actively participated in the discussions and practice session.

At the end like the first day, Ms Rukmini again collected feedback on what they learnt, what they like most, what they faced problem. They mainly faced problem for uploading audio video in ODL because of internet connection problem.

15/12/09 At first, Dr Savithri discussed about participants feedback and resolved their problem.

Then she introduced to the way of uploading pdf in Print the Lesson option and Magnification Audio format in Support For Visually impaired option at ODL page.

She facilitated to participants to resize the photo by Photo resizing software and batch photo resizing by Adobe Photoshop software. All the participants then practiced the four instructions facilitated by Dr Savithri and produced their outcome.

In the afternoon session all production of the workshop of one of the participants was showed to all to understand and revisit all the tasks facilitated in the workshop. After that all participants delivered their comments and future plan on the skills. Dr Ananay Raihan, Executive Director, D.Net discussed about the future plan of the programme and expectations from the participants and announced a digital camera as award for the best local content collector.

The certificates to the Participants were distributed by Ms Rukmini Vemraju, Programme Officer, Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) and Dr Ananay Raihan, Executive Director, D.Net.

At last Mr Forhad Uddin, Coordinator of the training programme informed about 6 months comprehensive work plan for collecting comprehensive content on Indigenous Knowledge using the training skills.The workshop concluded at 5PM with Refreshment.