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The Open Education Resource Workshop was organized in University of Mumbai with assistance of Commonwealth Of Learning Vancuver Canada.

Honourable Vice Chancellor Dr Rajan Welukar has the vision that University of Mumbai should lead the other universities by setting an example. University of Mumbai is the first traditional University to start this OER Venture that will take quality education global audience.

Dr Rajpal Hande, Director Board of Colleges and Universities Development guided the venture in the right direction.

Dr Kavita Laghate coordinated the OER workshop leading the academicians from Economics and Soft Skills arena.

The Resource persons were Dr. Savithri SIngh, Principal Acharya Nrendra Deo College, University of Delhi, Dr. Ravi Toteja and Dr. Nitee Mishra also from Acharya Narendra Deo College, New Delhi.

The four day workshop started on 16th October 2011 and continued till 19th October 2011.

There were 17 particpants from Economics and 4 from Soft Skills.

The workshop started with the philosophy of open education resources. University of Mumbai wants to create the course contents of all the undergraduate programs.

Economics being the most taught subject in variety of faculties it is undertaken as the first subject. Student require the skills for presentations, writing, listening across all the faculties. Hence these two subjects are taken to start the venture.

During this workshop teachers learnt the techniques of using technology to deliver to the world.

We are happy to be part of this project of University of Mumbai