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Topic:Awareness is the major challenge for ensuring quality education in Bangladesh, not provety

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  1. To build awareness of citizens of Bangladesh
  2. To develop a participatory strategy to overcome the situation
  3. To get inputs from the wider community of Wikieducators
  4. Follow up and take necessary measures


We have a long history and background in Education system. After the primeval age Education system in our country started from the “ Patshala” where a house tutor called “ Pandit” used to teach a group of students in formal and informal ways. Mostly that was teacher centered education system, needs of the learners were completely ignored. The parents responsibility were to enroll their children in“ Patshala”, no follow up and monitoring system was in place. Later on gradual development happened in primary education. In the initial stages development of school was completely a community initiative. Community people found out a place mobilize resources, appoint teacher and schools run. Sometimes parents contributed little to bear some of the cost. Gradually government enroll the schools in their list, teachers start to get salary and other facilities from the government. What happen as a consequence, community people becomes away from the school/institution as long as it takes by the government. Community people consider the institution as government institutions not their own institutions. Interestingly nowadays developing process of new educational institutions are likely the same as before.

Although our primary and secondary education is declared as free education, lots of support for the girls and poor children, there are different scenarios inside. Most of the parents are poor, either marginal farmers or day labors. They cannot afford their children in schools for a long time, cannot afford hidden cost required for being enrolled in schools. If we look into the classrooms, teaching learning process is not interesting, in block teaching method teacher centered education open create gap among the learners. Gradually this appear as a big challenge for the first generation learners as they don’t get any support from their home, become slow learners, underperformer, virtually drop out even sitting in the classrooms and finally drop out from the primary schools.

Government has a very weak monitoring and supervision system in place, manpower and facilities for the officials are not adequate, corruptions is everywhere and lack of transparency and accountability proves the whole system as a failure.

The main issues can be discussed into two main areas:

The receivers

The service Providers

* The receivers

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* The service Providers

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Key points
  1. Lack of long term planning
  2. Officials are nor responsive to their role and responsibility
  3. Weak supervision and monitoring
  4. Poor are neglected
  5. Work on symptom not address the root cause


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