L&T 2.0

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Learning & teaching 2.0

Since the very old times, technologies for generating, storing and communicating information have always impacted the way how knowledge is transmitted and, in consequence, teaching methodologies have been deeply affected.
Today’s education systems have to adapt to the new ways of communicating, interacting and sharing content.
The basic components of teaching:

  • Motivation
  • Guidance
  • Evaluation
  • Support
  • Scaffold

have to be performed in accordance with the new trends, giving a more active role to the individuals participating in the game.
What it is called “Web 2.0” does emphasize the emergence of a set of trends that at the same time are cause of the change and supply of tools for the evolution:

  • Social networking
  • Personal publishing / User generated content
  • Users add value & “teach” the system
  • Frontiers between content producers and consumers are vanishing

The challenge is to use the same tools that are changing the students to change the learning & teaching systems.

<< to be continued >>