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Dear Sir/ Madam


The Adams Mission KwaMzamo HIV/AIDS Support Centre plays a very active and meaningful role in the socio-economic development of our country particularly in the area of HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Your involvement in this exercise is utmost important in saving the lives of the South Africans that are in danger of perishing due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We seek help in the form of donations of any kind. We have more than 20 kids aged between 3 years and 18 who are residing at the orphanage home. More than 100 children in the community receive food and education services at our centre. Our needs are:

  • Food donations(bread at most)
  • Clothing (for the ages of 3 -16 years old)
  • Money for operating costs
  • Home maintenance
  • 24 Computers (We have a computer room for the community we are training computer literacy to the rural children and school leavers)
  • Used furniture ( office desk, tables and chairs,)
  • One White board 1.3m x 2m

Any monetary donations may be deposited into our bank account with details shown below.

Bank details NAME OF THE BANK: First National Bank (FNB) SA
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62205880645
IBAN/Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ659
Type of Account. Current account
Branch code: 220127

Yours truly

Mr Colonel Ncube
Project Secretary
Mobile: +2782 664 5969