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This card is for testing purposes only. This sentence is a continuation of the now longish line - long enough to see how one long line looks over several lines. This paragraph is on a new line in the text form. When I save and look at it this first paragraph continues. I notice that when sucked into a card, the new lines matter (unlike in a text html.wiki markup form) and this becomes a new paragraph on the card.
This sentence comes after a br tag. How did the br render? The br tag worked fine. This paragraph simply starts on a new line in both KtSense of Struggle/card-text and on the card. This sentence is also on a new line but it does not become a new paragraph on the card ??

Blank line and then this paragraph. I wonder how it would work if I used the rich editor? Try it some time (only for the card text) but expect problems (especially for other properties such as psp-link).

Another blank line. I also notice that the style for the text cell does not seem to apply to the second and following paragraphs ?? They are in paragraph tags with no style attributes. Why not inherit?? Try a different colour for table and cell. The problem might be in display-lv-card (about to be updated).

A color for text in the cell overrides the table text color (in the new version).