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Grafton Ghost Town, Utah, USA

Image courtesy of mandj98


Introduce the process of interpretation


Collect facts/information introduce a personal aspect and create your first interpretation


(Part One) - Topic

What town, city, country do you come from? List some information (facts) about the place eg. population, location, industry it is based on, anything factual you can find

What about some of the experiences you had their - what was special about the place. How did it make you feel?

Was there a special place you liked to visit or play?

(Part Two) - Theme

Now incorporate your theme (you - past, present and future) into your topic. That is:

  • your past life in "Your Place"
  • your present life with regards to "Your Place" eg. do you still live there, have any contact with or long to go back to
  • your future eg. do you see yourself staying, returning or never wishing to go back to "Your Place" - where else would you go?

(Part Three)

  • lets see if we can create a short interpretation from this - incorporating Tilden's Principles of Interpretation (below)

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