Knowledge of visitor interpretation/Activities/Techniques

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Brigitte Bardon, Lani Tour Guide

Image courtesy of Randy son of Robert


Reflect on the Essentials of Interpretation


Grade an interpretation for use of interpretive techniques


Watch the Youtube below (supporting materials) and answer the following questions (checklist)

1. Did the interpreter use active language?

2. Use effective voice inflection and articulation?

3. Relax the audience and make the talk or walk enjoyable and rewarding?

4. Have any annoying mannerisms?

5. Stand in front of the audience and face them?

6. Maintain contact with the audience?

7. Warm the audience up - make your interested in the subject?

8. Involve the audience?

9. (Outdoors) ...was the interpreter considerate of the audience (set a reasonable pact, spoke audibly, faced the group away from sun and wind?

Supporting Materials