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Local Course: Prepare and implement an interpretation plan for New Zealand attraction, activities and events

US 18364, Version 1, Level 4, Credit 4 - Element 2


1. Describing the principles of interpretation

2. Planning, preparing and delivering an interpretation


1. Indivually, you are to research, write and deliver an interpretation on a local tourist attraction from the list below: (Local course). In this case it is a "roving interpretation".

As part of this task you will also lead the tour (fellow students) when at the attraction and be assessed on how well you demonstrate your interpersonal skills in a group situation. The checklist for this is in supporting material - (US 18364, Element 2, PC 2.1-2.3)

Interpretation Requirements

  • A spoken interpretation between 3-5 minutes is to be delivered
  • An outline/plan (template provided) for your interpretation should be discussed with your lecturer before proceeding. Your interpretation must incorporate an "introduction, body and conclusion." It cannot be read straight from your transcript, however you may use cue cards.

Please choose from one of the following topics:(as provided by tutor)

  • The University of Otago Registry
  • Knox Church
  • Leith stream
  • The Botanical Gardens
  • New Stadium
  • Cook Hotel
  • Botanical Gardens - Buildings and sculpturs
  • Logan Park
  • Otago Polytechnic campus
  • Otago Musuem - Southern Lands (floor)

Please incorporate the following within your interpretation:

  • interpretive techinque - use of spoken word
  • interpretive theme - general topic reflecting the characteristics of the area
  • intepretive message or concept - simple yet meaningful statement which embodies your theme

Supporting Materials