Knowledge of visitor interpretation/Activities/Oamaru Fieldtrip Activity

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1. Describe the principles of interpretation, and describe and compare personal and non personal interpretation

2. Identify the target audience for a visitor interpretation plan; structure the core content of the interpretation to be provided; identify the techniques for delivery of interpretation; and identify actions to implement the interpretation plan, and implement the interpretation plan.

3. Range of leadership styles, and identify leadership styles for specified tourism contexts; and demonstrate interpersonal skills when leading in a group situation

4. Learning psychology; describe the relationship between participants’ learning styles and development and delivery of interpretive techniques; and evaluate the interpretive techniques for given situations


Students will undertake a one-day fieldtrip to the North Otago area where they will deliver an interpretation in the style of a tour guide.


1. Students are to research and complete a ten minute (interpretation) on the subject area provided by the lecturer

  • a.written (transcript to be handed in) and spoken

2. This will be completed in pairs (to be advised by the lecturer) however each student must participate in the delivery of the interpretation - equally.

3. The commentary should not be delivered from a printed form, however students can refer to cue cards

4.Your interpretation must:

  • Take into account your audience
  • Create a story from the information, which
  • Incorporates an “introduction, body and conclusion
  • Generate some thought, response and action
  • Take into account the environment you are delivering your interpretation in

6. In class complete a Health and Safety Risk Analysis and Intention Sheet

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