Knowledge of visitor interpretation/Activities/Interpretive signs

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Image courtesy of Hillaryp1


Interpretive Panels - their uses


Interpretive panels tell the story of a resource, site, or feature. Their primary purpose is to guide visitors to discover meanings. They may have multiple messages and are designed for learning at leisure.


In pairs - take 20 minutes to find as many examples of signs (information) and interpretive panels (messages)around the Otago Polytechnic campus area. Use your cellphones, cameras (supplied or your own) to do this.

Be able to distinguish the signs from the panels

Task 2

You must also find an interpretive panel, read it, mark its location, gauge what is it telling you and write down in one sentence what you think its message is.

Task 3

Choose one of your pictures and present it to the class - clearly explaining its relevance eg. is it a sign, what kind, what does it do, inform, guide, warn, interpret.

Supporting Materials

  • interpretation case-studies and Interpretation panels (course drive)