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To gain research skills


Starting the process of interpretating a destination


A group of tourists visiting Barbados are on a scenic island tour. On route, the bus passes through the west coast of the island in the parish of St. James, near the site of the landing of the British in 1635. The tour guide had previously read the following extract and wishes to paraphrase the facts to the group:

Holetown is one of the larger cities of Barbados, along with the city of Speightstown and the capital city Bridgetown. Holetown is located in the parish of Saint James. Holetown is where the English landed for the first time in Barbados in 1635. This is comemorated by a plaque which erroneously records the date as 1605.

  • Using the information above as a base, in groups of three, research the history of Barbados and in particular the colonisation of the island. Make a bullet point list of the factual information. In particular look for information about Holetown. Can you find any reason why there is a discrepency in the dates of when the British first landed? (look above)

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