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Thoughtmesh - essay networking
Developed for the rapid sharing and cross-pollination of scholarly research. Essays and sections of essays are generated with multiple 'tags' for the purposes of creating a meshing of overlapping research interests. Researches can search on 'topic' + 'topic' to create refined results. Developed by Craig Dietrich and Jon Ippolito.You can also:

Re:Poste ( by John Bell
The Pool (

Share widely - curriculum sharing
A system for knowledge and research sharing, including developed curricula. A lack of clear contextualising navigation makes it confusing to navigate, though it is politically an interesting example of the active sharing of curricula development work. Built on a software platform called the The Distributed Learning Project (DLP) developed by Tom Leonhardt and Trebor Sholz.

Fibreculture In an age dominated by corporate concerns, education wants to be free! New Media-Ed will showcase the work of educators and students in the field of New Media. We hope that New Media-Ed will help to facilitate discussion about current and future directions for New Media education and will help to promote the work of those already working in the area.

Open Humanities Press Open Humanities Press is an international open access publishing collective in critical and cultural theory. Open Humanities Press journals are fully peer reviewed, scholarly publications that have been chosen by OHP's editorial advisory board for their outstanding contribution to contemporary theory. OHP's journals are independent, published under open access licences and free of charge to readers and authors alike.