Knight's Sword, The

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Sir Vyvin's squire is in trouble. He has accidentally lost Sir Vyvin's ceremonial sword. Help him find a replacement without Sir Vyvin finding out.





Quest Requirements


Skill/Other Requirements

Level 10 mining. Some running past Ice giants and Ice warriors is necessary for lower levels. Items Needed to Complete Quest: Pickaxe, Redberry pie, 2 Iron bars Quest Points:1 100 runescape gold Reward: 12,725 Smithing EXP Start Point: White Knight's Castle, Falador To Start: Speak to Sir Vyvin's squire


your a Talk to Sir Vyvin's squire about his mishap, he'll direct you runescape accounts people to Reldo at the Varrock Castle Library (located on the ground floor in castle at the back). Reldo will give you the location of the last Incamdo Dwarf in Runescape. (If you accidentally say you need a quest, you will start the Shield of Arrav quest, and until you find the book on one of the bookshelves, you will not be able to ask about the quest you really want to work on.)

Head southwest of Port Sarim to the cliff that Thurgo lives below. Give him your Redberry pie and he'll get talkative. He needs a picture so head back the White Knight's Castle. Talk to Sir Vyvin's squire to find out about the picture. Go up to the south side of the third floor (American) second floor (UK). Search the cupboard in his bedroom while Sir Vyvin is not in the room. You'll get the picture.

Go back to Thurgo, bring the Iron bars, pickaxe and your armour etc. if you want to save yourself a later trip. Talk to Thurgo and he'll say you need Blurite ore. Go into the cave to the east, on the hill above his house. Head deep until you come to the ice room, run past the ice warriors and giants to the back wall, mine some Blurite ore quickly and get out of there.

Take the 2 Iron bars and Blurite ore to Thurgo and he'll make the sword. Take it back to the squire for your reward.

If interested here is how you can get yourself a Blurite sword and finish the quest!

Start the quest normally, until Thurgo the Dwarf tells you to get the materials.

Instead of getting 1 Blurite ore and 2 Iron bars, get 2 Blurite ores and 4 Iron bars.

Tell Thurgo to smith the sword when you're done getting the ingredients.

However, do NOT speak to him twice... yet.

After Thurgo gives you the sword, drop it and quickly, before it disappears, talk to him again. He'll make you another sword.

Pick up your sword and go back to Sir Vyvin's squire. Once again, drop one of your Blurite swords and quickly talk to Sir Vyvin's squire to give him one sword and get your reward.

Pick up your Blurite sword, and enjoy!