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                   Dr. R.K.Vyas has delivered a lecture on Internet Browsing and E-Mail on 10th January,2007. He said that the internet is a global network made up of thousands of networks that communicate with each other. Every network and every computer in these networks exchange information according to certain rules called protocols. These different computers and different networks are united with the common thread of two protocols, i.e. Internet Protocol(IP) ,and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). He also talked about the different browsers available i.e. Mosaic, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator etc. He further explained about the URL i.e. uniform resource locators. These are the unique addresses of internet resources. He further added the basic internet terminologies in his lecture. The various uses of the internet such as e-mail, ftp, telnet, usenet etc. were also discussed. He said that World Wide Web (WWW) is a huge collection of hypertext pages on the internet. The web is the second most popular internet service next to e-mail, but it accesses a larger quantity and greater variety of data than any other service on the internet.  He delved on how the e-mails can be sent.  He also emphasized on the basic things that should be followed before sending an e-mail.  He said that the sender should always write the subject so that the urgent messages can be read at the right time.  He also mentioned how attachments can be attached and how they can be opened by the receiver.

In the practical session, Mr.R.K.Vyas helped the participants in handling the internet and e-mails. Compiled by: Nitu Rana, Aditi College. Dr. Shuchi Sharma, USHSS, GGS Indraprastha University.