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Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura, Delhi 110034 PRE LEARNING TEST – 2008 – 2009 Time: Class – VIII Name ____________________________ Class: _________________ Roll No. : ___________________ Subject : English-(10 Marks)

1. Match the following: (0.5x4=2)

                         I                                                                                              II
          (i) If we cut trees,                                                            a) she didn’t complete her work.
          (ii) If she had had a chance,                                            b) the oven hadn’t been switched off.
          (iii) Rita would be in trouble if,                                      c) she would have beaten them all.
          (iv) The cake would have been burnt if                          d) we won’t survive for long.

2. Fill in the blanks with the correct option: (0.5x6=3)

    i) Someone in the queue told me that no bus _______ for a long time.
       a) came           b) will come        c) coming            d) had come
    ii) There _______ great restlessness all around.
       a) was           b) being           c) were            d) had been
    iii) I _______ to my office daily.
      a) go            b) have gone          c) will going           d) has gone
    iv) On ________ the bus stop yesterday, I noticed a long queue. 
       a) reached        b) reaching        c) had reached        d) have been reaching
    vi At this moment the bus ___________ to the satisfaction of all the passengers.
       a) arrive            b) arrival           c) arrived            d) arriving
   vi) The people __________ for nearly two hours.  
       a) has been waiting             b) has waited           c) had been waiting           d) will waiting

3. Tick the correct answer: (1x2=2)

   i) The Reported Speech of ‘She wrote a letter’ is:-
     a) He said that she was writing a letter.
     b) He said that she had written a letter.
     c) He said that she has written a letter.
   ii) The Reported Speech of ‘I was swimming in the river’ is:-
    a) He said that he had been swimming in the river.
    b) He said that he had swum in the river.
    c) He said that he is swimming in the river.

4. Tick the correct spelling: (0.5x4=2)

  i)		a) attendence       	 b) atendance           	c)attendance
 ii)		a) tuition               	 b) tution                 	c) tuiton     
 iii) 	a) embarrassed      	b) embarassed     	 c) embarrased
 iv)		a) accomodation   	b) accommdation    	c) accommodation

6. Which of the following is an Adjective? (0.5x1=0.5)

a) visited b) sacrifice c) puzzled d) dictionary

5. Which of the following is a Noun? (0.5x1=0.5)

a) satisfaction	 b) satisfied		c) restless		 d) demolish

Subject : Maths ( 20 Marks) Fill in the blanks:- Q.1. 0.12 is equivalent to (a) 4/33 (b) 11/90 (c) 3/25 (d) 0.01 + 0.2

Q.2. (0.01 + 0.2 × 0.8) is equal to (a) 0.64 (b) 0.168 (c) 0.17 (d) 1.61 Q.3. The number -2 5 is equivalent to 6 (a) -2 + 5/6 (b) -2 – 5/6 (c) – 2 × 5/6 (d) – 2 + 5 ÷ 6

Q.4. ( - 3 ) × ( - 5 ) × ( - 6 ) is equal to (a) – 900 (b) – 1500 (c) 900 (d) – 600

Q.5. The area of a circle having radius 7cm is (a) 1071 cm2 (b) 154 cm3 (c) 154 cm2 (d) 22cm2

Q.6. The sum of two rational numbers is – 5. If one of them is – 3/2 then the other is (a) 7/2 (b) -7/2 (c) 13/2 (d) -13/2

Q.7. If x% of 36 is 45, the value of x is (a) 1.25 (b) 0.8 (c) 125 (d) 80

Q.8 In a school 45% are girls. If there are 220 boys then the total number of students in the school is (a) 500 (b) 600 (c) 400 (d) 700

Q.9. A triangle can be constructed with sides (in cm) (a) 4, 8, 2 (b) 4, 4, 8 (c) 3, 6, 3 (d) 7, 8, 9

Q.10. An equilateral triangle has rotational symmetry of order (a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 1 (d) 0

Q.11. If 4 : 12 : : 9 : x, then x is (a) 5 1 (b) 3 (c) 72 (d) 27 3 Q.12. ¼ when expressed as percent is (a) 25% (b) 2.5% (c) 0.25% (d) 4%

Q.13. The simple interest on Rs. 500 at 10% per annum for 2 years is (a) Rs. 550 (b) Rs. 50 (c) Rs. 100 (d) Rs. 150

Q.14. An article bought for Rs. 400 and is sold for Rs. 440. The gain is (a) 1% (b) 10% (c) 11% (d) 50%

Q.15. The triplet which does not give a right angled triangle is (a) (2.5, 1.5, 4) (b) (5, 4, 3) (c) (5, 12, 13) (d) (6, 8, 10)

Q.16. The mean of first 5 natural number is (a) 5 (b) 15 (c) 2 (d) 3

Q.17. Rajni throws a dice, the chances of her getting a number 8 is (a) Impossible (b) Sure (c) Poor (d) Good

Q.18. A square pyramid has (a) 4 vertices & 4 faces (b) 5 vertices & 4 faces (c) 5 vertices & 5 faces (d) 8 vertices & 6 faces

Q.19. A man travels 125 kms in 5 hours. How long will be take to travel 200 kms. (a) 40 hours (b) 4 hours (c) 8 hours (d) 12 hours

Q.20. If the side of the square is doubled its area will be (a) Double (b) Halved (c) Three times (d) Four times

Subject: Science –(20 Marks)

Q1 Gases turns Phenolphthalein a)Yellow b)Pink c) Colourless d) Orange

Q2 The green coloured pigment in plant is called

      a)Chlorophyll 	b) Xylem 	c) Phloem 	d)Stem 

Q3. Human body contains water up to a)90% b)70 % c) 50% d) None of these

Q4 Acids a) Have bitter taste b) Have sour taste c) Turns red litmus blue d)Turns Phenolphthalein pink

Q5 Spiracles are tiny holes present in insects that help in a) Ingestion b)exchange of gases c)excretion d) digestion

Q6 The reproductive organ of following plants is

     a)Stem 		b)Root 		c)Leaves 	d)Flower  

Q7 After fertilization in flowering plants, the ovary develops into a) Seed b) ovule c)fruit d) carpel

Q8 Villi are a)Small openings in stem b)Finger like projections in the intestine c)Small holes in insects meant for gaseous exchange. d)Structures used by hydra to catch its prey

Q9 The most appropriate liquid for thermometer is a) Water b) Alcohol c) Mercury d) Coloured water

Q10 Conduction of heat cannot take place if a) The two objects are placed in contact b) The two objects are at different temperatures c) The two objects are at the same temperature & are placed in contact with each other d) The two objects at different temperatures are gases.

Q11 _____________________ is a good conductor of heat

    a) Glass 		b)Copper 	c)Wool 		d)Plastic  

Q12 Convection is not possible in a) gases b)liquids c)Solids d)Fluid

Q13 Haemoglobin is present in a)W. B. C. b)Plasma c)Platelets d)R. B. C.

Q14 In a plant, nutrients are transported by a) Xylem b)Phloem c) Buds d) Root hair

Q15 The image formed by plane mirror is a) Virtual & its size is equal to that of the object b) Virtual & it size is smaller than that of the object c) Real & erect d) Real & smaller in size

Q16 Like charges a) Always repel b)Always attract c) Seldom repel d)Seldom attract

Q17 Choose the incorrect statement for a mirror a) Metals makes the best mirror b) Light is able to pass through the mirror c) A shining surface helps in reducing the absorption of light. d) Looking glass is a highly polished surface made to reflect light rays.

Q18 Choose the incorrect statement: a) A real image can be seen on the screen b) Light is absorbed or scattered by objects c) A virtual image cannot be obtained on screen d) Laws of inflection do not hold for spherical mirrors.

Q19 The normal temperature of human body is a)370 C b) 27 0 C c) 47 0 C d)32 0 C

Q20 Which of these instruments is used in a submarine?

      a) Microscope 		b)Kaleidoscope  		c) Periscope 		d)Telescope