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After getting discarded from the village, Khilankai is almost broken. A 50 yrs. old lady is now living with her 15 yr. old child in a small hut near the road. Her condition is quite poor. She is not having food to eat and clothes to wear. On asking about his son; we came to know that he is mentally and physically challenged.

What has happened to him? She says, “My son does not walk, neither he sleep nor he eat food properly”. How long is the happening? “This thing is happening since 8 years of his age”. Haven’t you consulted any doctor? Yes! Once I consulted but since we were not able to afford the medicines, so we stopped going to doctors”. Could you tell the name of the disease from which he is suffering from? “No, I don’t remember the name of the disease.” Do you have any prescription of the doctor? “She says, yes!”

Seeing report we got stomached. The day was suffering from lung cancer. His father also died at the age of 25 due to lung cancer and this disease was due to genetic disorder. Didn’t you Mukhiya help you? “No. He only gave assurance that I will get economic help. But till now no such monitorial help has been received.”

In spite of this entire how do you let your livelihood going? To this she says, “With God’s Grace I am doing majdoori in a brick mill nearby. And by cleaning this I get 20/- per day”. Lastly tell how do you feel after getting discarded from Society? She firstly looked at us with tear in her eyes and then she says “Earlier I felt very bad but now I am used to it”. Don’t you have any complain with God? No. I am happy with what God has given to us. Listening to this tear started rolling from our eyes.