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Worked examples

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Now try solving the following questions yourself. After completing the questions, we provide short videos explaining the solutions our you may choose to print out the answers to mark your own work.

Factorise and solve the following equations:

  1. x2 + 5x + 6 = 0
  2. Add more questions
  3. Add more questions
  • Link to a print version using the wiki-to-pdf feature so that learners can download a print version of the questions when working off line.


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The idea here is to include video vignettes of a teacher working on a whiteboard explaining the solutions to each of the questions above.
  • Question 1 : Video solution -- Provide link to print version of the solution here.
  • Link to video vignette explaining the answer to Question 2 -- A print version of the solution is also provided here.
  • etc.