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Using the computer keyboard safely and efficiently is a very important skill. Our goal is to help you reach a typing speed of

  • ten words per minute for Fundamental level
  • twenty words per minute for Intermediate level
  • thirty words per minute for Advanced level

New to Keyboarding

Do a right mouse button click on the following link,, and open in a new window. Click on the Start button to begin lesson one. Put your left index finger on the letter 'f'. Put your right index finger on the letter 'j' and type what you see at the top of the screen.

Just Need some Keyboarding Practice

Visit this link by right mouse button clicking, Then choose the appropriate lesson. Plan on spending fifteen minutes a session several times a day. In two weeks you will be up to about 20 words per minute, which is as fast as you can write by hand.

Just a quick note. I found this web site while doing a search for typing. It is called

Ready for the Typing Test

When you are ready to take a typing test, right mouse button click on this typing test link, and Open in a New Tab (or Window). Once you have reached your goal, either show your result to your instructional assistant or copy and paste the result into an email to your instructor.

Click on Fundamental Computer Studies, Intermediate Computer Studies or Advanced Computer Studies to return to the appropriate course.